Log a Ticket

This action will send a Trouble Ticket to the configured help desk, in the event of an alarm. To create a Ticket action, follow the steps given below:

  1. Select the New Action link from the top menu
  2. Click Log a Ticket under the Actions menu in the left frame. This opens the Configure Ticket Details screen
  3. Enter the name of the Ticket
  4. If ServiceDesk Plus is configured, choose log a ticket action based on REST API Key or Credential. If SDP is above version 9, then REST API is recommended
  5. Choose the fields to be tagged in the help desk for the tickets generated. If no fields are assigned to the ticket action, the default template for the ticket to be generated in the helpdesk will be used
  6. Enter the title of the ticket, the title supports the usage of replaceable tags. You can add alarm variables to the title, by selecting those from the combo box
  7. Give the description of the mail content. The description also supports passing alarm variables as replaceable tags
  8. Choose the format of the message: HTMLPlain Text or Both
  9. You can choose whether to append the alarm message that was generated, to the trouble ticket.
Note: More information on how to integrate Help Desk software with Applications Manager is available here.