NoSQL Database Servers

NoSQL databases defined as a non-relational, distributed database, are gaining recognition as an alternative mode to the relational database management system among the organizations.

Inspite of the fact that NoSQL databases have a number of significant advantages, they share almost an equal set of setbacks. However when used appropriately, NoSQL databases can offer real benefits. How will you ensure a smooth and unruffled operation of these boundless unstructured data?

Applications Manager provides NoSQL database monitoring, helping you to keep track of how the database is used and alerts you on any threshold breaches ensuring the performance of the database to the highest standards.

The Applications Manager functionality includes the ability to collect metrics like Bytes received / sent per minute helping to monitor the network traffic, Transaction details, response time, number of open connections, items cached, etc., from the NoSQL database and present them using our dashboard in a simple and impactful manner.

The different NoSQL database servers supported are:

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