Personalize Web Client

You can personalize the Applications Manager web client to suit your tastes. There are options to change the web client skin and layout, set the auto-refresh time for web client and customize the tabs.

Select the Personalize Web Client option from the Settings tab. A pop-up window with 3 tabs named SkinWeb Client and Customize Tabs will be displayed .

To Change Web Client Skin and Layout

  1. From the Skin tab, select the color of your choice. The colors available are blue, green, brown and orange.
  2. Select the layout of your choice. The options available are Classic and Simple. The Simple layout will be similar to the Classic layout, except for the absence of links on the left hand side and the top band. The monitoring data gets more prominence in the Simple layout.
  3. Click the Apply button. This changes the color and layout of the client's look and feel.

Auto-Refresh Web Client

Using this option, you can set the time interval for auto refreshing the web client. This option is available under the Web Client tab.

Customize Tabs

The default order of tabs in the Applications Manager web client is Intro, Home, Monitors, Cloud, APM, User Experience, Alarms, Settings, and Reports. You can re-arrange the order in which the tabs are displayed as well as select new tabs for displaying.  Just select the necessary tab options from the respective drop-down boxes and click the Save button.

If you want to remove a tab, choose the ‘Not Selected’ option from the drop-down box against the necessary tab order. This option is available from the fourth tab onwards.