Configure Proxy Server API

This API allows the user to view proxy server details and configure proxy server parameters. This API is designed to support GET and POST requests.

GET Request

Whenever the request is sent by "GET" method, the data corresponding to the API will be listed.



POST Request

When the request is sent by "POST" method, the corresponding data will be added/updated.



Request Parameters

The parameters involved in the API request are described below:

Field Description
useproxy Option to automaticcally use default proxy configuration settings.Values can be true or false. If set to false, then automatic proxy configuration settings will be used.
Note: Specifying any value other than "true" for this will be asssumed as false and the automatic proxy configuration will be used.
host The host name or host id of the proxy server that has to be used in configuration.
port The port number of the proxy server.
username The username for proxy server authentication.
password The password for proxy server authentication.
bypassproxy Option to enable bypass for the proxy server. Values can be true or false. If set to true, will enable the bypass for the proxy server.
Note: Any value other than "true" will be assumed as false.
dontProxyList Do not use proxy for addresses beginning with the hosts mentioned in this parameter. Multiple hosts are separated by semicolon (;).

Sample Request