ISP Data in Real User Monitoring

By default, Real User Monitor does not show ISP data of end user. To get ISP data, you can make use of any third-party Geolocation API. Currently, RUM supports only APIs that return the response in JSON format.

After you have purchased any Geolocation API, follow the below steps to configure the API details in RUM Agent:

  1. Open the GeolocationAPIResources.xml file located under <RUMAgent_Home>/conf/ directory in any text editor.
  2. Add third-party API details into the GeolocationAPIResources.xml file similar to the sample API ( format present in the file.
  3. Add unique resource key value for resource argument.
  4. Each API expects IP address to be sent in different params, so find params in which IP address should be sent and provide the key in ipKey
  5. Each API returns ISP and location data in different keys, so find the keys which contain country, country code and ISP data and provide the keys in countryKey, countryCodeKey and ispKey
  6. Now open the file located under <RUMAgent_Home>/conf/ directory in any text editor and update the value for the key geo.api.type with that of the resource value given in GeolocationAPIResources.xml file.
  7. Save the files and restart the agent.


GeolocationAPIResources.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<GEO-API-DETAILS resource="1" url="" ipKey="ip" responseType="JSON" countryKey="country" countryCodeKey="countryCode" ispKey="org"/>
<GEO-API-DETAILS resource="2" url="" ipKey="ip" responseType="JSON" countryKey="location" countryCodeKey="regionCode" ispKey="isp"/>
<GEO-API-DETAILS resource="3" url="" ipKey="ipAddress" responseType="JSON" countryKey="cn" countryCodeKey="cncode" ispKey="org"/>