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RUM User Sessions

User sessions include a set of consecutive user actions performed by the same user within a particular period of time. Each user session can include multiple page loads, third-party content requests, user action such as file downloads, etc.. Applications Manager's RUM monitor offers support for categorising user sessions as live, active and expired. Also, it provides option to filter users based on session types. We are supporting this feature from Applications Manager version 16310 and RUM agent version 3.1.

Types of User Sessions

Type Description
Active An active user session performs continuous transactions. Last transaction time will be lesser than 1 minute.
Live A live user session was active once and not yet expired. Last transaction time will be greater than 1 minute and session has not expired.
Expired An expired user session is the session that has come to an end. We end a session based on 3 different criteria. Refer Session End Time

Start time and End time for User sessions

Session Start time: It refers to the time at which user performs the first transaction.

Session End time: A session will reach end time or expiry, when the following criteria are met.

  • When the session duration reaches 2 hours.
  • When last transaction time is more than 15 minutes.
  • When the user closes the browser.