Sending SMS

This action can be used to send SMS (Short Message Service) to specific users in the event of the alarm. To create an SMS action, follow the steps given below:

  1. Select the New Action link from the top menu.
  2. Click Send SMS from the Actions menu in the left frame and specify the following details:
    • Any display name for the action.
    • Choose the mode of SMS - Either through EMail or through Modem.
    • In case of EMail, enter the from and to addresses.
    • In case of Modem [ Available in Windows only], enter the mobile number to which the message has to be sent. You should have configured the SMS Server beforehand to use this facility. To know more about sending SMS through modem, refer Admin - Configure SMS Server
    • The message for the SMS.
  3. Click Create Action to finish. This will list the SMS action name and its details along with the other actions configured.
  4. Click Add New for creating more SMS actions or Delete (on selecting the respective action's check box) to delete the action.

Also refer "Add complete Information to SMS" section under Admin > Action-Alarm-Settings.

After creating an SMS action, you can edit or execute that action. These two tasks can be performed from the "View Actions" page.

  • To edit the action, click the Edit [ ]icon.
  • You can also have a trial execution of the action. To do so, click the Execute [ ] icon of that action.
Note: The Message of the SMS action can be further enhanced by using Replaceable Tags