VMware Virtual Infrastructure Groups

Applications Manager can discover your entire VMware virtual infrastructure through the vCenter server and provide dependency mapping of its components. The ‘VMware Virtual Infrastructure Group’ allows you to quickly discover all your virtual resources and model them the same way they are configured in the vCenter server. The VMware infrastructure will be automatically categorized into components such as Datacenter, Cluster, ESX/ESXi hosts, VMs, etc. Once you discover the virtual infrastructure, you can easily track the availability, health and performance metrics of its various components.

The VMware virtual infrastructure group is different from monitor groups due to the fact that you have to manually map all the resources to a monitor group. In the VMware virtual infrastructure group, the virtual resources in your network are automatically discovered through the vCenter server and the components mapped accordingly. When combined with the out-of-the-box support for 50+ applications, servers, databases, and transactions spanning physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures along with auto-provisioning of virtual systems, the VMware virtual infrastructure group becomes even more powerful.

Creating a New VMware Virtual Infrastructure Group

Follow the steps given below to create a VMware Virtual Infrastructure group:

  1. Click New Monitor Group and select VMware Virtual Infrastructure from the drop-down menu. The ‘Discover Virtual Infrastructure through vCenter’ screen will be displayed.
  2. Provide a Display Name for the monitor group.
  3. Specify vCenter Hostname/IP Address.
  4. Specify the Port at which vCenter is running.
  5. Enter the authentication credentials of the vCenter server such as User Name and Password.
  6. Specify the Polling Interval in minutes.
  7. Select the VM Discovery option based on which the virtual machines present under the vCenter Virtual Infrastructure should be discovered and monitored. The available options are Do not discover, Discover VM but do not monitor metrics, and Discover and Monitor VM metrics.

    For Discover VM but do not monitor metrics and Discover and Monitor VM metrics options, you can also specify the Discovery Filter Regex based on which the virtual machines are to be discovered and monitored. Learn more

  8. If you are adding a new monitor from an Admin Server, select a Managed Server.
  9. Click Fetch ESX Hosts button to start the virtual infrastructure discovery.

For more information on the performance metrics provided by the VMware virtual infrastructure group, refer this topic.