World Map Business View

World Map Business View in Applications Manager enables network administrators to get a comprehensive understanding of how distributed their network really is. 

You can represent a monitor group in the World Map. Monitor Groups are a logical group of one or more monitors that provides a holistic view of your business environment. You can visually represent the status of all your monitor groups across the globe. The root cause analysis (RCA) data is available in the map.

To represent Monitor Groups in World Map, follow the given steps.

  • While creating a new monitor group, you can associate the monitor group to the location chosen from the list.
  • Else, click on Advanced and then Add Location, it opens up a world map. From the map, you can select and add custom locations.

You can also save the zoom level, as per your need, by clicking on the option, “Save current zoom level” present in the right top corner of the web client.


World Map Settings

  1. You can add or delete location from the 'Manage Location' drop down box.

  2. You can click Add Location, it opens up a world map.

  3. To navigate to a location, use the controls on the top left of the map.

  4. Select a location in the Map by clicking it with the mouse. You will see an image indicating your selection.

  5. Add a name for the location in the 'Location Name' field and click 'Add Selected Location'.

  6. You can also customize the Height and Width of the World Map.