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  • Represents all the Monitor types supported and provides the number of Monitors being discovered in the network. click on the Monitor types to view information of their Monitors. There are six different views
    • Category View (shown below) - Lists the monitors according to the various categories like Applications Servers, Database Servers etc.
    • Bulk Config View - From this view you can carry out bulk admin operations like updating user name and passwords across monitors.
    • Google Map View - Maps all the monitor groups in a Google Map.
    • Icon View - Lists all the monitors using icons, shows the host and the monitors assosciated with it symbolically.
    • Table View - Lists the monitors within the host in a tabular format.
    • Plasma View - enables you to have a snapshot of what is happening with the monitors, at one glance. The view can be put up on a plasma screen, and you can have a look even when you are not in front of the monitor.
  • Next, click Alarms tab.

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