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Action / Alarm Settings

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Action / Alarm Settings


This section explains the Action / Alarm Settings that can be made in SQLDBManager Plus. To accessAction / Alarm Settings, click the Admin tab and click Action / Alarm Settings.



Enable Actions

When alarms are generated, actions are triggered for those alarms (if you have configured any). If you do not want the actions to be executed in spite of the alarms, deselect this option.

Execute Actions Repeatedly

If you want the actions to be trigged continuously during every poll, till alarms change from Critical/Warning to Clear, you can use this functionality. The three types of recursive actions that are involved are



By selecting this option, you can add the server snapshot - Dial view as an inline attachment in the alarm EMail. This option is available only if the Health becomes critical.


Date Format :


By using this option, you can set the required date format in the Email alarms. It can either be
Day Mon dd HH:mm:ss IST yyyy (Default) - Thu Feb 22 12:02:40 IST 2007
MM/dd//yyyy HH:mm:ss - 02/22//2007 12:02:40. See Replaceable tags for usage of $Date.



By default , the complete information that you configure while adding SMS Action is sent through the SMS. Some SMS service providers restrict the length of characters sent through the SMS. This could result in truncated message delivery. If you would want to send only information on the Monitor, Attribute, and its Severity, deselect this option. For E.g., "Health of SQL Server is critical" will be the SMS format that is received.

This is in addition to the message provided when creating the SMS action.


By default, all the attributes of a monitor are added as dependencies to the health attribute of the monitor. If you do not require the attributes to be added, deselect this option. You can also manually add/remove dependencies later at any point of time.

Consecutive Polls before Reporting an Error:

The Critical, Warning, and Clear alarms are generated based on attributes that you have configured. You have control over the alarms that are being generated. Simply specify the number times after which the alarm should actually be generated. It would eradicate false alarms.


If you want to poll '3' times before reporting that a system (or any Monitor) is down or an attribute is critical, specify the value as '3' in the first text box. Similarly, you can change the remaining two text boxes (warning, Clear) also. If you have set the poll as '2' times before reporting a service is up, for the first time of polling, the service will be shown as Unknown. Only on the second poll, if the service is running, the status would be shown as 'Up'. Changes made will be reflected across all the monitors.


Apart from Action / Alarm settings, Polls before reporting an error, can be configured for threshold and availability of individual monitors. Refer Configuring Consecutive Polls.


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