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Add Monitors

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AddMonitor API


This API allows the user to configure monitors in SQLDBManagerPlus.




Request Parameters:

The parameters involved in the API request are described below. Also, refer the list of common Request Parameters.

Field Description        
type The type of the database you want to add. Value should be ms sql.
username The name of the user who has permission to access the MS SQL server.
host The name of the host in which MS SQL is running.
password The password of the user who has permission to access the MS SQL server.
port The port number where MS SQL is running.
instance The database/instance name. This is optional field.
authentication The authentication type. Value should be either SQL or Windows.

Sample Request:

&type=ms sql&displayname=sqldbmanagermssql&username=sa&host=sqldbm-xp2&password=Advent1&port=1433&instance=&authentication=SQL



Request Parameters

The common parameters involved in the API request are described below:

Field Description        
apikey* The key generated from the Generate API Key option in the 'Admin' tab.
displayname* The display name of the monitor.
subnet The subnet where the server is running. The default value is
pollInterval The interval at which the server needs to be polled. This variable is optional. If no value is mentioned, the default value of 5 minutes will be taken.
addToGroup Denotes whether the monitor should be added as part of a monitor group or not. The value can be either 'True' or 'False'.
groupID The id of the monitor group. This has to provided if 'addToGroup' value is 'True'.

* - mandatory



HTML encoding will be required for parameters with special characters (For example: display name or password).


Sample Error

If the API is not executed correctly, the request will fail and errors will be thrown as shown below.


<Apm-response uri="/AppManager/xml/AddMonitor">
      <response response-code="4221">
         <message>The The authentication should SQL or Windows.</message>


Refer this page for a list of common error conditions.




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