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Bulk Configuration

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Bulk Configuration of Monitors


Selecting this option, would enable you to perform bulk administrative operations on various SQL databases. Clicking on this link, will take you to the Bulk config View - where all SQL databases are listed.


You can perform the following SQL Database Operations:


Manage/Unmanage Monitors:


This option enables you to choose the SQL databases that you want to monitor or not. Under SQL Servers tab, select 'Bulk Config' view, here all the SQL databases discovered are listed. Select the SQL databases for which data collection needs to be done and then click on Manage link. Likewise select the v for which you do not want data collection to happen and then click on Unmanage link.


For license information, the count of the 'Number of SQL Servers' would be based on the number of Managed Monitors.


Update Username/Password:


This option enables you to bulk update usernames and passwords across SQL databases types.Select the list of databases that requires update password action and then click on Update Username/Password. Your selection would be listed and you can enter the username and password that is common across all SQL database servers.


Edit Display Names:


This option enables you to bulk edit the Display Names of the SQL databases.


Update Polling Interval:


This option enables you to bulk update poll intervals across SQL databases.


Select the list of SQL databases for which the polling interval has to be updated. Click on Update Polling Interval link. Your selection would be listed and you can enter the desired poll interval.


Copy and Paste Monitors:


This option enables you to copy and paste the configuration of one SQL database to create another new SQL database.


On clicking copy and paste icon, you need to enter the Host Name / IP Address of the servers to which the configurations have to be pasted (the host names can be given comma separated). Enter the SubNet mask too.


Note: You can use copy and paste function for one SQL database at a time.


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