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List Downtime Scheduler Tasks

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GetMaintenanceTaskDetails/ListMaintenanceTaskDetails API


This API allows the user to view the details of downtime schedules configured in SQLDBManagerPlus.


Sample Request

http://[ Host ]:[ Port ]/AppManager/xml/ListMaintenanceTaskDetails?apikey=[APIKEY ]

Request Parameters

The parameters involved in the API request are described below:


Field Description        
apikey The key generated from "Generate API Key" option in the Admin tab.





Output for the above example:


<AppManager-response uri="/AppManager/xml/ListMaintenanceTaskDetails">
       <response response-code="4000">
             <Schedule TASKNAME="Test_Weekly" TASKID="10000001" STATUS="RUNNING" OCCURENCE="Weekly">
                  <ScheduledTime STARTTIME="Monday 20:00" ENDTIME="Wednesday 20:00" />
                  <ScheduledTime STARTTIME="Tuesday 14:00" ENDTIME="Wednesday 15:00" />




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