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List Server API


ManageEngine SQLDBManagerPlus provides List Server API that allows the user to list information about the server by the following categories.

APIs for ListServer:

1.   Listing all the added servers

http://[ Host ]:[ Port ]/AppManager/xml/ListServer?apikey=[ API key ]&type=all


2.  By server name

http://[ Host ]:[ Port ]/AppManager/xml/ListServer?apikey=[ API key ]&type=[ Server display name ]

3.  By IP Address

http://[ Host ]:[ Port ]/AppManager/xml/ListServer?apikey=[ API key ]&ipaddress=[ IP Address of server ]

Request Parameters
Field Description        
API Key The key generated from "Generate API " option in the Admin tab.
Type "type=<Server PARENTNODE name>" is used to list details of specified server in SQLDBManagerPlus
< Server PARENTNODE name>  is PARENTNODE in IpAddress table.
ipaddress ipaddress = [IP Address of server]

Example API that is used to get the XML of all servers and their services details




Example API that is used to get XML of a particular server and it's services details.




API for XML Response :

http://[ SQLDBM Host ]:[ SQLDBM Port ]/AppManager/xml/ListServer?apikey=[ API Key ]&type=all


API for JSON Response :

http://[ SQLDBM Host ]:[ SQLDBM Port ]/AppManager/json/ListServer?apikey=[ API Key ]&type=all

Example output:

Server Details:

Server Name Name of the Server
Parent IP Parent Network IP address of the Server
resourceid Resource ID of the Server
Type Server Type like Windows
DISPLAYNAME Display Name of the Server like XP1
IPADDRESS IP Address of the Server
Service Details

Contains information about the services running in the server.


Service DISPLAYNAME - Display Name of the Service

TYPE - Type of the service like SNMP

RESOURCEID - Resource ID of the Service

RESOURCENAME - Resource Name of the Service

DESCRIPTION - Description of the Resource like Network Resource

ATTRIBUTEID - Service Attribute ID

RCALink Link to Root Cause Analysis details
DetailsPageLink Link to the Details page of the Server

<AppManager-response uri="/AppManager/xml/ListServer">
<response response-code="4000">
<Server DISPLAYNAME="poorani-1360" RESOURCEID="10000018" Name="" PARENTIP="" IPADDRESS="" TYPE="Windows 2003">
<Service HEALTHATTRIBUTEID="3101" ATTRIBUTEID="3100" DetailsPageLink="/" RESOURCENAME="IF-poorani-1360.csez.zohocorpin.com_MSSQL-DB-server_1433" HEALTHSEVERITY="5" AVAILABILITYATTRIBUTEID="3100" AVAILABILITYMESSAGE="Resource up.
The resource poorani-1360 is available." TYPE="MS SQL" DESCRIPTION="Network Resource" AVAILABILITYSEVERITY="5" RESOURCEID="10000046" RESOURCETYPE="MSSQL-DB-server" HEALTHMESSAGE="Health of poorani-1360 is clear.
Root Cause :
1. poorani-1360 --> Data Collection Successful
2. poorani-1360 --> No Events Matching the Rule [Any Application error].
3. poorani-1360 --> No Events Matching the Rule [Any Security Failure].
4. SQL Server (POORANI) is up
5. SQL Server VSS Writer is up
6. poorani-1360 is up
7. Buffer Cache Hit Ratio 99 > 90 % (threshold).
8. is clear.
9. syspolicy_purge_history --> Scheduled Job syspolicy_purge_history. is clear.
10. AMDB_Sep30 is ONLINE
11. model is ONLINE
12. tempdb is ONLINE
14. master is ONLINE
16. msdb is ONLINE
" DISPLAYNAME="poorani-1360" HEALTHSTATUS="clear" IMAGEPATH="/images/icon_monitors_mssql.gif" RCALink="/jsp/RCA.jsp?resourceid=10000046&attributeid=3100" AVAILABILITYSTATUS="up"/>
The resource is available.Host Available." TYPE="Windows Perf" DESCRIPTION="WMI Performance Counter for" AVAILABILITYSEVERITY="5" RESOURCEID="10000051" RESOURCETYPE="Generic WMI" HEALTHMESSAGE="-" DISPLAYNAME="" HEALTHSTATUS="UnKnown" IMAGEPATH="/images/icon_monitor_WMI.gif" RCALink="/jsp/RCA.jsp?resourceid=10000051&attributeid=7101" AVAILABILITYSTATUS="up"/>



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