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Replaceable Tags

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Replaceable Tags


Alarm Configuration can be further enhanced by 'Replaceable Tags'. An email action is configured, if, for e.g., SQL Server goes down. While creating the E-Mail action, you can specify the "Message" as "This resource is running $HOSTNAME at port $PORT". If the SQL Server goes down, then email action is triggered with a message that contains the actual name of the Host and Port Number. Hereby the Dollar Tags are replaced with the host in which the SQL server is running and the exact port of the SQL server.

Further, if you want SQLDBManager Plus to pass arguments to Custom Scripts, which would be invoked as part of 'Execute Program Action', you can make use of Replaceable Tags.

For e.g., in 'Execute Program Action' , you can give the value for 'Program To Execute' to be

If the action is invoked then the $tags would be replaced with the then actual values say
<run.bat MyServer 9090>

Find below the dollar tag parameters that can be associated with their probable values.




Name of the Monitor


Various Attributes like Health, Availability, etc.,


1 (Critical/Down)
4 (Warning)
5 (Clear/Up)


Critical, Warning, Clear, Up and Down


The IP Address of the Host


Name of the Host


Port Number






Root Cause Message
Average Response Time of SQS_Tomcat-server_9095 is critical because its value 652 > 10ms.
[Threshold Details : Critical if value > 10, Warning if value = 10, Clear if value < 10]

Note: The $ tags will not be replaced when you execute the actions manually.

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