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Custom Dashboards

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Custom Dashboards


Dashboards feature enables you can create custom dashboards by adding multiple widgets of your choice - like Status View of all the Databases, Status view of all Servers CPU Utilization, SQL Buffer Hit Ratio and so on.

This is in addition to the already created three Dashboards - Default Dashboard, Availability and Performance Dashboard.


Default Dashboard: This is the default dashboard which has various widgets pre-configured. These are Availability & Health Status widget of all SQL Servers, SQL Server CPU and Memory Utilization widgets, SQL Server Buffer Cache Hit Ratio widget, Last N Alarms widget and Databases with high Datafile Space Utilization widget.


Availability Dashboard: Displays the availability of various SQL Servers configured for monitoring.


Performance Dashboard: Displays the performance of each SQL Server configured. You can click on particular time frame and view the alarms generated for that SQL Server during that particular time frame. You can also view Buffer Cache Hit Ratio and Plan Cache Hit Ratio values in addition to various other metrics such as Active Connections, Average Latch Wait Time, Batch Requests/Min, etc.

Create Dashboard




Performance Widgets

Top N Monitors: This widget displays Top N monitors based on a performance metric.To view the data ,select a performance metric and select the monitors from which Top N should be listed.You have an option to view the graph for the selected time period.


Performance Metric Widget: This widget displays the Snapshot value of a specific Monitor's performance metric.You have an option to view the graph for the selected time period.


Threshold Breakers: This widget displays all the monitors which have exceeded the threshold for a performance metric.You have an option to view the graph for the selected performance metric.


Tabular Data: This widget displays values in a tabular format, packs more data in a smaller area.

Availability and Health Widgets

Availability & Health Status: Multiple Monitors: This widget lets you view the snapshot of monitors of specific Type.


Last 24 Hours / 30 Days Availability History: This widget displays the Availability history for last 24 hours / 30 days for all monitors of selected Type.


Last 24 Hours / 30 Days Health History:This widget displays the Health history for last 24 hours / 30 days for all monitors of selected Type.


Availability, Health and Alarm Summary: This widget displays Availability and Health status and Alarm status for the selected Monitor category.


Last N Alarms: This widget displays the last N alarms for all the monitors.

Utility Widgets

Embed Web Page: This widget allows you to include a web page from another application into your dashboard.You can use this widget to integrate your custom dashboards.


Bookmarks: This widget allows you to add weblinks to important documents, KBase articles.


Custom HTML or Text: This widget allows you to add notes to your operator.




Click on Actions tab to perform administrative operations for dashboards.


Add Widgets Adds new Widgets
Edit Dashboard Edits the custom created dashboards
Delete Dashboard Deletes the selected dashboard
New Dashboard Creates new dashboard


Publish Dashboard: The selected dashboard can be integrated with your Web Portal by using the Javascript Code Snippet given. So, those who can access your webportal can see the dashboard also.


Set as Default: The selected dashboard is set as the default dashboard. So, whenever you access the home tab, this dashboard would be displayed by default.


Note: By clicking on Tabs Edit icon you can choose the order in which the dashboard will be listed under the home tab

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