ManageEngine® SQLDBManager Plus

Prerequisites for SQLDBManager Plus

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Prerequisites for Monitoring SQL Servers


To monitor a SQL Server, you need to specify a SQL user with these Minimum User Privileges :

Server Roles

Role : public and sysadmin (if you want to monitor Database VLFs)

User Mapping

Database : master

DB role    : db_datareader

Database : msdb

DB role    : SQLAgentReaderRole


View server state : Grant

Note : To grant VIEW SERVER STATE permission, you can use any of the following methods.


Permission to connect to database engine : Grant

Login : Grant

Also note that if you would like to monitor SQL Server using SQL instance name and/or if you would like to add SQL Servers through auto discovery, then you need to ensure that the 'SQL Browser Service' is running in the system.


If there is firewall enabled within the network, then the following ports must allowed through the firewall for monitoring Windows server hosting the Microsoft SQL :

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Understanding SQLDBManager Plus

Working with SQLDBManager Plus