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Starting and Shutting Down SQL DB Manager

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Starting and Shutting Down SQLDBManager Plus


Starting SQLDBManager Plus

Once installation is successful, you can start the SQLDBManager Plus by following the instructions provided for Windows operating systems.


To start SQLDBManager Plus

Once the server is initialized, a tray icon is placed in the Windows system tray. After the server is started completely the icon changes to and a message "Server Ready for Monitoring!" is displayed over the icon. Right-click on the SQLDBManager Plus tray icon to connect to the web client or stop SQLDBManager Plus.


Starting SQLDBManager Plus as a Windows Service


In Windows, you can start SQLDBManager Plus as a service. With this feature you can start the SQLDBManager Plus server automatically when the Windows system starts.


By default, during product installation, you can choose to install it as a service (More on Installation). If you have not enabled it then, use the following option to setup SQLDBManager Plus as a service.

  1. Go to <SQLDBManager Plus Home>/bin directory, execute the file installservice.bat. On executing this file, 'ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus' service is added in Windows Services and the startup type is set as 'Automatic', by default. (To ensure if it is installed as service, check for the 'Services' under 'Windows Administrative Tools'). Note: For installing SQLDBManager Plus as service, you need to have administrative privileges in that system.

  2. Now when you re-boot Windows system, SQLDBManager Plus is automatically started. You can swap between Automatic and Manual modes.

To uninstall this service, go to <SQLDBManager Plus Home>/bin directory, execute the file uninstallservice.bat.

Shutting Down SQLDBManager Plus

To shutdown SQLDBManager Plus

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