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Viewing Performance Metrics

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SQL Server Performance Metrics

Supported Versions

ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus supports monitoring of the following versions of Microsoft SQL Servers:

Monitored Parameters

The following are the performance metrics of a SQL Server that is being monitored. Each tab provides in-depth details about SQL Server metrics.

The Overview tab provides details such as Monitor Information, Availability (including 7/30 reports), Connection Statistics, Buffer and Plan Cache Hit Ratio and Top Databases based on Data File Size.

The Host Metrics tab provides details such as CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization of the Host machine on which the SQL server is running. It provides the CPU and Memory utilization for the last 6 hours, including SWAP memory. In addition, you can monitor Network Interface details, Windows Services, Processes and Event Log files that are running in the machine.

One of the key metrics that is being monitored in SQL Server. It provides in-depth coverage of memory usage by the SQL server which includes Total Memory, SQL Cache Memory, Lock Memory, etc, its Buffer Manager statistics - Buffer Cache Hit Ratio, Page Lookups/Min, etc, Access Method Details, Cache Details, Lock and Latch Details of the server.

Provides you with detailed analysis of SQL Server sessions with details such as Connection Statistics, SQL Statistics, Session Details, Session Lock Details and Session Blocked Lock Details.

Lists the entire list of databases within the server. You can also view the Data File size (MB), percentage of log used, its status, creation date and its health and availability. You can also configure alarms for specific databases.

Lists the entire list of Jobs and Backup running in the server. It also displays the Current Status, Last Run Status, last Run Date and Time, Job Time and Retries. In addition, it displays its Health. By clicking on each job, you can view the entire history of the job that was executed in the server.

This provides the overall performance of the SQL Server by listing the Top Queries by CPU, I/O and CLR, Slow Running Queries, Queries that were frequently executed and blocked, Cost of missing indexes, Top Components by Memory Usage and Top Waits by Waiting Tasks.

You can execute specific queries within the SQL Server and monitor those results through Query tab.

Displays the WMI performance metrics of the host machine associated with the SQL Server.

Displays SQL Server Configurations and their values. You can also edit and change the Configuration values.

Displays the status of your SQL Server Clusters and Cluster resources.

Displays SQL Server Audit activities over different time periods. You can view audit events related to Login, Server, Database and Audit categories.


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