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SQL Server - Overview

Monitor Information




Specifies the name of MS SQL server monitor.


Specifies the health (Clear, Warning, Critical) of the MS SQL server.


Specifies the version of the database server.


Specifies the port number at which the database server is running.


Specifies the version of the SQL server.

Edition Specifies the edition of the SQL server.
Server Collation Specifies the collation of SQL server.
Server Startup Time Specifies the start date and time of SQL server.
Host CPU Count Specifies the number of CPU available in the host machine.
Physical Memory (MB) Specifies the total available physical memory in the host machine.

Host Name

Specifies the host at which the database server is running.

Last Polled at

Specifies the time at which the last poll was performed.

Next Poll at

Specifies the time at which the next poll is scheduled.

Connection Statistics, Buffer and Plan Cache Hit Ratio


Connection Statistics Time taken to get connected from SQLDBManager Plus.

Buffer Cache Hit Ratio

Percentage of pages that were found in the buffer pool without having to incur a read from disk. This ratio should exceed 90% and ideally be over 99%.

Plan Cache Hit Ratio

Ratio between cache hits and lookups. This specifies the percentage of plans that were found in Query Plan Cache and re-used.

Top Databases based on Data File Size

This table lists the databases based on its file size thus displaying which databases are being used the maximum.



Name Name of the Database.

DataFile (MB)

Displays the Data File size.

Log File Size

Displays the Size of the Log File, used size of the Log File.

Creation Date Date on which the Database is created.
Availability Displays the current availability of the Database.
Health Displays the current health of the Database.

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Viewing Performance Metrics