Barcode Generation method

    The barcodes can be generated either Sequentially or Manually.

    Sequential Method:

    Select the Sequential Method to generate barcodes sequentially by giving a "starting from" value and the assets count. 

    For eg, Say if you have 25 new Laptops and need barcodes from the number 150,

    1. Enter the starting value as 150 and the count as 25.
    2. Enter the prefix and suffix to be added with the barcode for eg. Prefix as LAP and Suffix as CA.
    3. The generated Barcode will be as follows LAP150CA, LAP151CA..LAP174CA.



    • The count will be auto incremented based on the product type selected. For eg, if you have added 25 workstations from the count 1, the next time you add workstation the count will start from 26.

    To generate barcode sequentially,

    • Select Sequential in the Barcode generation method.

    • Add Product Type and Product. Click on  icon to add product details.
    • Enter the prefix and suffix.
    • Enter the From value and the assets count.



    •  Select the "Barcode as Service Tag" check box to use laptop's Service Tag as Barcode.

    Manual Method:

    To generate barcodes manually,

    • Select Manual in the Barcode generation method.
    • Enter the Barcodes manually (Use commas to seperate the barcodes).


    • Enter comments if needed and click Generate barcodes and add assets.
    • Barcodes will be generated and the Assets will be added successfully.

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