Update Asset CIs (other than Workstation)

    To update a CI use the following URL format:


    Assuming you are updating a CI in the local server with port number 8080, the URL should be given as:



    1. Input is an XML string sent as "POST attribute" with key "INPUT_DATA".

    2. The operation name "update"  should be sent as a "POST attribute" with key "OPERATION_NAME".

    3. The technician key should be sent as a "POST attribute" with key "TECHNICIAN_KEY".


    • Technician having Asset update role can perform these operations.

    • CI-ID of the updated entry is returned along with the CI Name in the response.

    • CI Attributes, Global Attributes and custom CI Attributes for the corresponding CI Type can be updated

    • All workstation additional fields can be updated for workstation/server.

    • All asset additional attributes can be updated.

    • If the field is non-english, same can be given in the xml to update the data.

    • All asset additional attributes can be updated.

    • Can use the filters with relational operations for updating assets.

    • Parameter Result Format - Optional. specifies the return format ( XML or JSON )

    • If no result format specified then API will return output in JSON format.

    Sample XML for updating Access Point:

    Note: Since, all IT Assets share the same attributes as like of Access Point, refer this xml to update other IT Assets as well.


    • Since all IT Assets share the attributes similar to that Access Point, refer this xml to update other IT Assets as well.


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <API version="1.0" >        
            <name>Access Point</name>
                        <name compOperator="IS">CI Name</name>
                <!-- Product Name/Type cannot be updated using Update Operations-->
                <!--parameter><name>CI Name</name><value>(empty)</value></parameter-->
                <!--parameter><name>CI Type</name><value>My Test Access1</value></parameter-->
                <!--parameter><name>Product Name</name><value>My Access Point1</value></parameter-->
                <parameter><name>Asset Tag</name><value>MY RES TAG-1</value></parameter>
                <parameter><name>Serial Number</name><value>KIJH-KPOJ-IOO9-IO98-EXT</value></parameter>
                <parameter><name>Barcode</name><value>MY BAR CODE</value></parameter>
                <parameter><name>Vendor</name><value>Zoho Corp</value></parameter>
                <parameter><name>Expiry Date</name><value>2011-08-23</value></parameter>
                <parameter><name>Warranty Expiry Date</name><value>2011-08-23</value></parameter>
                <parameter><name>Acquisition Date</name><value>2011-09-23</value></parameter>
                <parameter><name>Asset State</name><value>In Use</value></parameter>
                <parameter><name>Business Impact</name><value>high</value></parameter>

                <!-- Multi value parameters -->
                <multi-valued-parameter name="Assign Ownership">
                       <parameter><name>Associate to Asset</name><value>sdp-w2k3-13</value></parameter>
                       <parameter><name>Department's site</name><value>Pleasanton,CA</value></parameter>
                <multi-valued-parameter name="Asset Lease Information">
                       <parameter><name>Start Date</name><value>2010-09-21</value></parameter>
                       <parameter><name>End Date</name><value>2011-09-21</value></parameter>



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