Specific asset types are termed as products. For example, Dell Latitude D600 is a product representing Dell Laptops. To add a product,


    Add New Product

    Click on Admin tab -> Click Product iconproduct_icon  in the Configuration Wizard page. This brings up the Product view list page.

    Click Add New Product link on the right side corner of the page. This brings up the Add Product view list page.

    Specify the Product Name in the given text field. ex. Dell Latitude D600. This is a mandatory field. Which will uniquely identify the individual products.

    Specify the Manufacturer name in the given field. For ex. Dell.

    Select the relevant Product Type from the combo box under which the product can be classified. If the selected Product Type is a Workstation, then you need to select either of the two options Desktop or Laptops by enabling the radio button. 

    Specify the Part No in the given field.

    Specify any relevant comments regarding the product in the Comments field.

    Click Save button to save the Product and continue with the vendor association. You can associate any number of vendors to the product.


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