Mail Server Settings


    You need to set the mail server settings in the ManageEngine AssetExplorer to send notification mails to users and technicians. To configure outgoing mail server settings,


    Outgoing Mail Server Settings

      1. Click on Admin tab -> click Mail Server Settings icon  in the Configuration Wizard page. This opens General mail Server settings page.

      2. Specify the Server Name or IP Address for the outgoing mail server. Ex. SMTP.

      3. If you have a back up server specify the Server Name or IP Address in the Alternate Server Name or IP Address field.

      4. Specify the Sender�s Name in the given field, which will be displayed along with the email ID.  

      5. Specify the email address to which the replies need to be sent in the Reply-to-Address.

      6. Specify the type of the email dispatching Ex. SMTP or POP etc. in the Email Type field.

      7. Specify the Port where the mails need to be sent.

    Of the above fields, Server Name / IP Address, Reply-to Address, and Port are mandatory fields and hence cannot take null values.


    If your outgoing mail server needs authentication, then select the check box Requires Authentication. And enter the User Name and Password for authenticating the outgoing mails.


    Click Save to save the settings.




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