Creating a Purchase Order


    There are two ways in which you can access the Purchase Order form.

    • Create New Tab

    • Purchase Tab

    Create New Tab

    The Create New Tab is a quick navigator to instantly access the New Purchase Order form.



    To create a purchase order, go to Step 3 in Purchase Tab.


    Purchase Tab

    • Click Purchase tab in the header pane to open the Purchase Order list view page.
    • Click New Purchase Order button.
    • In the New PO form, the status of the Purchase Order is New PO by default.
    • Enter the Order No of the purchase order say, P.O #2268 and the PO name say, purchase of laptops in the specific fields. Both fields are mandatory.
    • Select the Required by date of the items from the calendar icon.
    • Select the Vendor Name from the drop down. 
    • If the specified vendor name is not available in the list, click Add New iconadd-new-vendor-icon and specify the vendor details such as Name, Contact Information and Contact Person of the vendor. Save the details.
    • If you have specified the Purchase Default Values to be displayed in the new PO form, then the same will be populated on the form.
    • If you have not configured the default values for shipping and billing address, select the Shipping and Billing Address from the drop down. 
    • You can also add the shipping and billing address by clicking the Add New icon add-new-vendor-icon.
    • Specify the item category. You now have the option to add services and other items besides assets to the PO. 


    • On selecting Assets, all the products associated with the vendor will be listed.
    • To view products of particular type, select Product type.
    • You can also add new product by invoking the Add icon add-new-vendor-icon
    • Specify the Product Name, Product Type, Part No and Price of the item. Save the details.
    • Specify the Price (if it is not mentioned), Tax  Rate ($) and the Quantity of items to be ordered.
    • In addition, you can specify DiscountsShipping Cost, Sales Tax Rate (%) and Additional Tax Rate (%) which will be considered while calculating the total amount of the PO.


    • When the currency used by the vendor is not the base currency, Exchange Rate will be mentioned. 
    • Under Services category, pick a service from the drop-down or create a new one.


    • For items of Others category, you have to enter the item name and the details in respective fields. 


    • Quantity of an asset can only be a positive integral whereas it can also be a decimal for services and other items. 
    • Under General Information block, the Created Date by default is the day when the PO is created. You cannot edit this field.
    • Similarly, the logged in technician is displayed as the Owner of the PO.
    • By default, the Requested By is the technician creating the PO.
    • Select the Cost Center and the GL Code from the drop down.
    • Enter any related comment of the PO in the Remarks field. Say, if the PO# name is PO XE-SC-4, where XE-SC-4 stands for Xerox-Scanner. In this case, explain about the XE-SC-4 in the remarks field.
    • Also specify the terms and conditions of the purchase in the Terms field.
    • If you would like to attach a file then click Attach file button.
    • Select the Approvers of the purchase order from the POApprover (s) list pop window by clicking the icon.
    • Enter the Signing Authority of the company in the respective field.
    • Click Save the Purchase Order button. On saving the PO, the status changes to Open.

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