Vendor Service

    With ManageEngine AssetExplorer, you can now acquire, track, and manage the various services used by your organization. Purchase Orders are extended to buy services.

    Create a new service

    • Go to Admin tab>> Purchase/ Contract Management>> Vendor Services 
    • The Vendor Services List page appears.
    • When you select Add New Vendor Service link, a page opens. Fill in the details as shown in the screenshot. 


    • You can modify or delete a default service type listed in the drop-down.
    • Use  link to add a new service type.
    • Click Save.

    Add Vendor to a Service

    • Select a service.
    • Click Vendors tab on the service details page and add the details as shown below.


    •  Click Save.


    • Multiple vendors can be added to a service.
    • When adding a vendor, the values you specify for service attributes will become the default field values on a PO or PR.

    Service- Vendor association

    You can add services to a vendor from the vendor page. To do this,

    • Go to Admin>> Asset Management>> Vendor.
    • Select a vendor from the list or add a new vendor using the link. 
    • Click Services tab on the vendor details page.
    • Click Associate Service to add a new service to the vendor and specify the service details.


    • Click Save.

    Delete functionality of service

    • You can delete a service and its vendor association if it is not present in active POs or PRs.
    • To delete vendor associations of services that appear in closed and cancelled POs or PRs, inactivate the services.

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