Adding New Vendor


    An organization can have business contacts with more than one vendor. Hence, it is very essential to maintain the records about each vendor and the list of products that are supplied by the particular vendor. To add new vendor,


    Add New Vendor

      1. Click Admin tab -> click Vendor icon  in the Configuration Wizard page. This brings up the Vendor view list page.

      2. Click Add New Vendor link on the right side corner of the page.

      3. Specify the Name of the vendor in the given field. e.g. Dell. This is a mandatory field.

      4. Enter a brief profile about the vendor in the Description field.

      5. Specify relevant information for Address, City, Postal Code, State and Country of the Vendor.

      6. Enter the E-mail ID, Phone and Fax of the person who is the point of contact at the vendor location in the Contact Info field.

      7. Specify the Web URL of the company.

      8. Click the Save button to save the vendor information. Once the vendor details are saved you can see the product tab gets created, now continue with the Product association.

      9. Click Save and add new button to save and add new vendor. Then continue with the product association.

    Associate Product

      1. Click Products Tab -> click Associate Product button.

      2. In the associate product form Vendor Name is non editable.

      3. Select the Product Name from the combo box. This is a mandatory field.

      4. Specify the Price of the product. This is a mandatory field.

      5. Specify the Warranty Period from the combo box.

      6. Specify the Maintenance Vendor if necessary.

      7. Enter any relevant comments about the product and vendor.

      8. Click Save to save the settings.


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