Cost Center


    Individual department or a group of department makes a Cost Center. These cost centers are budgeted and tracked for the cost, income and allocation. These cost centers will be associated with the purchase order while making a new purchase in your organization.     


    To access the Cost Center configuration,

    1. Click Admin tab in the header pane.

    2. Click Cost Center icon under the Purchase block. The Cost Center list view page opens where you can add, edit and delete a cost center.


    Add Cost Center

    1. Click New Cost Center link. The Cost Center form has four mandatory fields namely, Cost Center Code, Name and Owner.  

    2. Specify the code for the cost center in Cost Center Code field.

    3. Specify the Name of the cost center.

    4. The departments configurated in AssetExplorer application is listed under Departments. Select the Department from the available list.

    5. Specify the Owner of the cost center. The owner is generally the department head and employee of the organization.

    6. If required, enter relevant information about the cost center in the Description field.

    7. Click Add Cost Center button. The cost center is added to the List View.


    Edit Cost Center

    1. Click the Edit icon beside the cost center you wish to modify. The details while adding the cost center is populated in the edit form.

    2. Modify the required details in the fields.

    3. Click Update Cost Center button.


    Delete Cost Center

    1. Click the Delete icon beside the cost center to be deleted. A confirmation dialog appears.

    2. Click Ok to proceed. The cost center is deleted from the list.


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