Editing Purchase Order


    ManageEngine AssetExplorer provides an option to modify the created Purchase Order.

    1. From the PO List View page, select the PO# Name link to view the PO details page.
    2. Click Actions tab -> Edit Purchase Order option. The PO form opens in an editable form with the values populated while creating the Purchase Order.
    3. Modify and save the changes.
    4. Re-approval of the PO is required on adding or deleting items and also on editing the following fields on the PO.
    • Item name
    • Price
    • Tax Rate
    • Quantity


    Note :

    • Status of an approved PO changes to Pending Approval once it is edited.
    • After the items are partially or fully received, the user is not allowed to edit the fields Product Type, Product, or Service or delete items on the PO.

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