E-mailing the Vendor


    Once the purchase items are ordered from the vendor, you can send email notifications to the vendor regarding the progress of the items received i.e., if the organization has received the items partially or completely.  


    To Email the vendor,

    1. Click Purchase tab in the header pane to open the purchase order list view page.

    2. Click the PO # Name link. You can use the Filter drop down to sort and select the PO.

    3. From the purchase order details page, click the Actions tab -> select Email the Vendor option. The Send E-mail notification window opens.  

    4. Enter the vendor address in the To field. You can also notify the contents of the email to more than one person by entering their email address in the CC field.

    5. By default, the Subject reads as "Notification for Purchase Order" with the notification number. Say, Notification for Purchase Order # 1.

    6. Enter the email content in the Description area.

    7. To attach any attachment to the mail select Attach file link.

      1. Click Browse button to choose a file.

      2. Select the file and click Attach file button. You can see the file attached  with the file size.

        Files up to the file size of 10 MB can be attached.

    1. Click Send button to send the mail. This displays a message showing that the Notification has been sent successfully.

    2. Close the window.


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