Purchase Default Values


    With this option, you can set the default values to be populated in the New Purchase Order form. You can set default values for fields such as tax rate, the billing and shipping address, the purchase order terms and conditions and so on. Thereby, making it feasible to add create a Purchase Order instantly.


    To access the purchase default value configuration page,

    1. Click Admin tab in the header pane.

    2. Click Purchase Default Values icon under Purchase block.


    Configuring Purchase Default Values

    • Default Currency: The default currency to be displayed in all the purchase orders (PO) generated and in places where money is being used. Say, USD, $

    • Default Tax Rate (%): Tax rate used for calculating the sales tax in all the POs generated. You can provide different tax rate to a specific PO by entering the new rate while creating the PO.

    • Signing Authority: Signing Authority's name.

    • Tax Shipping: Enable the check box for additional tax in shipping of the items.

    • Shipping Address: Select the default Site to which the PO items needs to be shipped.

    • Billing Address: Select the default Site for invoice and billing the PO items.

    • Cost Center: Default cost center department to be displayed.

    • Approver (s): Approvers for the purchase order. The approvers can be the users or technicians in your organization.

    • PO Owner as Approver: Enable the check box if you wish to add the PO owner as the approver.

    • Multi Approval: If there are more then one approvers, on enabling multi approval check box, the PO is approved only if all the approvers approve the PO. The PO is rejected even if one of the approvers rejects the PO.

    • Terms and Remarks: Terms and remarks while making the purchase.

    • PO# Start From: Customize the PO number.

    Click Save.


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