About AssetExplorer Reports


    Reports in AssetExplorer can be classified as All Reports, Schedule Reports and Query Reports.  


    Under All Reports you have All Computers, Servers, Software, Workstation Summary Reports, Audit Reports, Resources, Contracts and Purchase reports.


    All Computers (Workstations and Servers)


    Under All Computers you have the following reports. On scanning for workstations data for these report types gets populated automatically. Once the data is populated you can have a graphical view of the following reports.

    • Computers by Domain

    • Computers by Manufacturer

    • Computers by OS

    • Computers by Processor Manufacture

    • Computers by Processor Type

    • Computers by Vendor

    • Computers with less or more than 256 MB RAM

    • Operating Systems by Region and

    • Unassigned Workstations by Domain.



    Under Servers you get the following reports in graphical format.

    • Servers with less than 10% Free Disk space

    • Servers with less than 512 MB RAM.



    Under Software you have,

    • Software Reports - Purchased Vs Installed software,

    • Software by Category and

    • Software by Manufacturer.  

    Workstation Summary Reports


    Under Workstation Summary reports you have the following reports in tabular format.

    • Software Summary Report

    • Hardware Summary Report

    Audit Reports


    Under Audit reports you have,

    • Audit history by Workstation

    • Audit history by Time line

    • Audit history by Changes



    Under Resources you have the following reports in graphical format,

    • Resources By Product Type

    • Resources by Vendor



    Under Contracts you have the following reports in graphical and tabular format.

    • Active Contracts

    • Contracts by Max Value

    • Contracts by Status

    • Contracts by Vendor

    • Expired Contracts



    Under Purchase you have the following reports in graphical and tabular format.

    • Purchase Orders by Vendors

    • Purchase Orders by Ordered Date

    • Purchase Orders by Required Date

    • Purchase Orders by Status

    Under Schedule Reports you have all the scheduled reports.

    Under Query Reports you have all  reports generated using queries.


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