Network Scan



Discover networks part of your organization and scan them at regular intervals using Network Scan. Apart from scanning various operating systems like Windows, Linux, MAC, Solaris and AIX workstations network scan also allows for scanning of SNMP devices and VMware machines.


Network Scan page can be accessed in two different ways:


a. Using Scan drop-down menu

b. Using Admin Tab


Scan drop-down menu

Scan drop down menu is a quick navigator to instantly access Network Scan page. From Scan drop down select Network Scan option.

Admin Tab

  1. Click Admin tab in the header pane to open the configuration wizard page.

  2. Click Network Scan icon under Discovery block. The Network list view page opens where you can add, edit, delete and scan a network.



Adding a Network

  1. Click Add New Network link. (present at the right corner)

  2. Decide Scan Range: you can either scan the Entire Network or mention a specific IP Address Range for scanning.
  3. Enter Network Address. (To scan Entire Network IP address should be mentioned as; to scan a part of a network IP address range should be mentioned as to

  4. Provide a suitable description.

  5. Specify Network Scan Credentials for scanning different subnets of your network

  6. Click Save (or) Save and Scan now to scan network immediately.


Network Scan Credentials

These credentials let administrators refine network scan thus allowing them scan the network based on Operating Systems, SNMP devices or VMWare machines being used. Network scan page contains four different credentials for scanning various subnets of the network. The credentials available can be configured as per the scan requirement and it is not compulsory to use/configure all the 4 credentials.


Please note that Scan Credentials can be configured from Network Scan as well as the Credentials Library page - repository for all Scan Credentials associated with Asset Explorer - and can be later associated with Network scan. For more on scan credentials, see Configure Network Scan Credentials



Configure Scan Credentials for a network

Use Existing Credentials:

  1. Select Network to which Scan Credentials are to be added from Network List View.

  2. Select Scan Credentials from Select Credential Drop Downs.

  3. Following Scan Credentials can be selected for a given network

  4. Click Save (or) Save and Scan now (for immediate scanning of network)

Configure New Scan Credentials:

  1. Select Network to which Scan Credentials are to be added.

  2. For adding New Scan Credentials, do the following:

  3. If you're configuring Windows Scan Credentials specify the following:

  4. If you're configuring Linux, MAC, Solaris and AIX Scan Credentials. specify the following:

  5. If you're configuring SNMP Device Scan Credentials. specify the following:

  6. If you're configuring VMWare Device Scan Credentials. specify the following:

Having Multiple Scan Credentials

It is possible that you could have already configured multiple sets of scan credentials. That is, you might have configured two or more sets of credentials for scanning Windows Workstations and all other devices that can be scanned . All such credentials can also be included and reused in your network scan.


Adding additional/existing set of credentials:

  1. Click on Add another credential button (appearing onhover Select Credential dropdown)

  2. Select Existing Credentials from the respective drop down. (you can select as many as you want)

  3. If need arises, the Existing Credentials can also be removed using Remove button (also appearing onhover Select Credential dropdown)

Note: You can also add a new set of credentials by selecting Add another credential --> Add New Credential button.


Scanning the Network

  1. From Network List View page, click Scan Network icon .

  2. If your organization is distributed across various sites, select the Site to which the workstations/devices are associated.

  3. Click Start Scanning. Once scanned, you will get the complete report on the success and failed workstations of the scan.


Edit Network

  1. From the Network List View page, click Edit iconof the network to be edited.

  2. Edit the network details and Save the changes. Click Save and Scan now, to save and scan the workstations in the specified range


Delete Network

  1. From the Network List View page, select Network you want to delete.

  2. Click on Delete button. A confirmation message on the delete operation appears. Click OK to continue. The network will be deleted from the list.