Ports used during Scan


    The various ports used during the scan and remote control are mentioned below,  


    Port Purpose Type Connection
    8383 For communication between the agent or distribution server and the Desktop Central server.  HTTPS In bound to server
    8027 The notification server port is responsible for communicating on-demand operations from the server to the agent.  TCP In bound to server



    Tools and Remote Control

    Port Purpose Type Connection
    8444 For Sharing remote desktops, System Manager, Chat  HTTP In bound to server
    8032 For transferring files   HTTP In bound to server
    8443 For Sharing Remote Desktops, System Manager, Chat   HTTPS/UDP (for voice & video chat) In bound to server
    8031 For transferring files   HTTPS In bound to server





    Domain Scan


    Port Purpose Type
    389 Port(s) used to fetch the computers list during domain scan and users list from Active Directory TCP


    Unix Machines


    Port Purpose Type
    23 Telnet TCP
    22 SSH TCP







    Other Network Devices



    Port Purpose Type
    161 SNMP UDP



    Note: The ports - ICMP echo and ICMP echo reply, should be allowed in the firewall as it is used to ping the target machines.

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