Scanning Machines outside a domain/network



The workstations and servers that are not part of any domain/network are scanned using Stand Alone Workstation Audit or by installing the Agent in the remote machine. Both the methods involve a script being installed in the remote workstations which scans and pushes the inventory details to the AE server.



Method #1: Stand Alone Workstation Audit


Scanning remote workstations using Stand Alone Workstation Audit involves four simple steps,

  1. Download the script from AssetExplorer application.

  2. Execute the script in the remote machines. On executing the script, the data is pushed to the server.

  3. If the server is not reachable from the remote machine, an XML file is generated in the same folder from where the script is executed.

  4. Import the XML file from the AssetExplorer application. You can see the stand alone workstation details in the list view.


Accessing Stand Alone Workstation Audit configuration

The Stand Alone Workstation Audit can be accessed in the application through,


a. Scan drop-down menu

b. Admin tab


Scan drop-down menu

Click Scan drop-down menu -> Stand Alone Workstation Audit option. The Scan drop-down is a quick navigator to instantly access the Scanning Workstation through Script pop-up window.


Admin Tab

  1. Click Admin tab in the header pane to open the configuration wizard page.

  2. Click Stand Alone Workstation Audit icon under Discovery block. The Scanning Workstations through Script window pops up.

    NOTE: Please note that the scripts are different for Windows and Linux machines. Click the appropriate tabs to download the script.

  3. Click the Click to Download option to download the script. Save the file as ae_scan.vbs, in case of Windows machines. For Linux, save the file as

  4. Open the command prompt. Change the directory to the folder where the script is saved and execute the following command,

For Windows:

CSCRIPT ae_scan.vbs

For Linux:

  1. sh

  2. Executing the script will push the data to the AE server. If the server is not reachable from the remote machine, an XML file is generated in the same folder.

  3. Locate and import the XML file from the application.

  4. Click Submit button. On importing the XML file, the stand alone workstation is scanned and gets listed in the Workstation list view page.




For Windows Machines:


The script can be configured as Logon/Startup script in the Domain Controller. The ae_scan.vbs file can be configured as a logon script in the active directory with script parameter as "-SilentMode".This will scan the target workstations upon user login and push the scanned inventory data to AssetExplorer Server.


For Linux Machines:


The script can be configured in crontab or as a start-up script, so that the machines are scanned in a periodic manner and the data are pushed to the server. The data is pushed to the AE server using curl which has to be installed in the Linux machine.



Method #2: Installing Agent in the remote machine


The Windows workstations/servers that are not part of the domain/network can also be scanned using the Agent. The steps involved to scan machines outside a domain/network,

  1. Install the agent in the remote machines with "Scan on system startup" option enabled.

  2. Make sure your AssetExplorer server is on a public IP to accomplish this process.

  3. Restart the remote machine. The system is scanned and the XML is pushed to the AssetExplorer server.

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