Adding New Software


    Apart from the Scanned Softwares in the Software List View, you also have an option to add new softwares.


    To add new Software,

    1. Click Software tab in the header pane.

    2. Click Software -> Scanned Softwares under Assets block. By default, all the scanned softwares is listed.

    3. Click New button.

    4. In the Add Software form, specify the Software Name. Say, Adobe Photoshop. This field is mandatory.

    5. Specify the Version of the software. Say 7.1,7.2 and so on.

    6. Select the Software Type from the drop down. Say, Freeware, Managed and so on.

    7. Select the Software Category from the drop down. Say Graphics, Operating System and so on. This field is mandatory.

    8. Select the Manufacturer of the software from the drop down. If required, you can also add the manufacturer on clicking the Add icon.

    9. Specify relevant information about software in the Description field.

    10. Click Add button. The software is added in the List View.


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