Viewing Software Licenses


    The details of the software license added by you is displayed under Software License details page. Apart from viewing the software details, you can also view the workstations allocated with the software license, any relevant document attached and the contracts associated to the software license.


    To view the software license details,

    1. Select Software -> Software License under Assets block. The list of available software license is displayed.

    2. Click the software license name to view the software details. The page opens to display License Info and the Contracts tab.


    License Info

    The details added in the New Software License form is displayed under this block. Apart from the details added, you can also view the license agreement number associated with the Software.


    From this page, you can Edit and Attach relevant documents the software license using the options from the Actions drop down.


    Contracts Tab

    Contracts associated to software is listed under the Contracts tab. You can add a new contract under the Contracts tab.


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