README for Version 6.0

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 6000

New features in service pack 6000 (Released on: 27 Aug 2013)

  • AE-50501 : Option to configure multiple credentials for each subnet in Network scan. If a subnet has Windows, Unix, VMWare and Network devices, different credentials can be configured based on the protocol (WMI, Telnet/SSH, SNMP V1/V2 & VMWare) used for scanning. These credentials are stored in a central credential library and can be associated to Network scan, individual machine scan and remote control.
  • AE-51483 : All Network devices with SNMP enabled can be scanned for inventory.
  • AE-49373 : Database passwords stored in the db-configuration files after encryption.

Issues fixed in service pack 6000

    • AE-38820 : PO: Email-ID of the vendor is not populated by default in "Order this PO" form.
    • AE-51049 : PO: While approving a PO in non-login view, "You cannot approve this PO" error is thrown at times.
    • AE-51066 : PO : When a PO is edited, the PO's status is changed to "Pending Approval" but PO approval status is not changed.
    • AE-51062 : Agent : Problem while performing remote control due to wrong DNS cache being retained in the server.
    • AE-46524 : Agent : Unable to take Windows backup if AssetExplorer agent is installed.
    • AE-49439 : Agent : Uninstalling the agent from a Windows workstation would remove the agent software entry for all workstations in AssetExplorer.
    • AE-48805 : Agent : If agents are deployed using GPO, agents are downloaded to workstations even if same version of the agent is installed.
    • AE-46323 : Scan : Value in "Description" field is removed after rescanning servers or workstations.
    • AE-30393 : Scan : Service packs are not detected while scanning Windows Vista machines.
    • AE-44569 : Scan : Unable to scan a linux workstation from linux server installation.
    • AE-47252 : Scan : IPV6 address is not shown properly in the workstation details page during scanned xml import.
    • AE-29711 : Scan : AIX machines getting added with name as
    • AE-51419 : Scan : Fetching Oracle installation details for linux machines during scan.
    • AE-48679 : Agent : Issue in starting the agent service when scan at boot is set to true while installing the agent.
    • AE-50917 : Scan : CentOS machines are detected as Redhat machines.

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