ManageEngine AssetExplorer 6.2

Issues fixed in service pack 6211 : (Released on: 22 February 2019)


  • AEI-75523 : Out of memory error occurs if we configure Class A IP address full range while performing exclude scan.
  • AEI-73391 : Unable to sort additional attributes of date type in assets and CI list views.
  • AEI-54661 : Duplicate key exception occurs while scanning a workstation which was modified as a Firewall.
  • AEI-71368 : Product Type modification window opened from Actions in the asset details page contains garbled text. The issue occurs only when the application is displayed in certain non-English languages.


  • AEI-70162 : Scroll bar is not working in purchase order list view.
  • AEI-70381 : Additional fields are not displayed in the details page of assets and workstations that are added through purchase orders.


  • AEI-74945 : Currency symbol of Great Britain Pound, Gibraltar Pound, Chinese Yuan, and Japanese Yen is not displayed properly under Admin >> Currency.
  • AEI-69915, AEI-76447, AEI-76849 : An irrelevant error message added under Community >> System Log Viewer for each schedule of Software License Notification.


  • AEI-52669 : Remove Software Installation(s) option introduced in the software details page.


  • AEI-76860 : xalan.jar retained in the PPM file of AssetExplorer version 6202. It has been removed now.

Issues fixed in service pack 6210 : (Released on: 05 February 2019)


  • AEI-69987 : Possibility of information disclosure vulnerability in login page.
  • AEI-75134 : Serialization vulnerability fixed under Admin-->Distributed Asset scan --> Change as Remote server (while importing central server’s site)
  • AEI-35675, AEI-46452 : Restricting File Upload
    Restrict users from uploading vulnerable files to the application by blacklisting them based on file properties such as file extension or file content type. You can allow only specific files to be uploaded by whitelisting them. You can perform these operations by passing database queries.
    Note : To prevent vulnerabilities during file upload, empty file upload will not be permitted anymore.

Assets :

  • AEI-75530 : Alert message in unnecessarily displayed while moving assets from one department to another (which is not associated to any site).
  • AEI-74769 : Assets in the loanable assets list disappears after performing a scan.
  • AEI-74313 : Breakage : Assets : Comments field shown while changing an asset's state is also shown while editing an asset.
  • AEI-71613 : Virtual machines having the same name but in different domains replace each other when scanned.
  • AEI-74808 : Previous day of the loan date is shown instead of the current date in the loan registry list view while extending the loan.
  • AEI-73277 : Deleted product types are shown in the Purchase and Asset modules' Product Type filter.

Software :

  • AEI-75098 : Scanned software list view is not getting rendered after selecting the site filter.
  • AEI-73547 : When a technician assigned to a site creates a license, it gets assigned automatically to the org site if the available site is less than 2. Also, incorrect license count is shown in the software details page.


  • AEI-74085 : Unable to import CIs for a custom CI type when the custom date field has a different format in the CSV and a different format chosen during import.

Purchase :

  • AEI-74362 : Unable to close Purchase Orders created from Purchase Requests. The issue occurs if the Purchase Requests have value for 'Requested by' field.
  • AEI-73425 : Item name modified from Admin > Product will get reflected for purchase orders and purchase requests in open status from now on.
  • AEI-70930 : Estimated cost is not updated while adding/editing a purchase request if there are special characters in the Item name for the selected vendor.

Admin :

  • AEI-74250 : Add New Product page is displayed in English after changing the language to Japanese/Chinese from the Personalize tab.
  • AEI-74079 : Users imported from LDAP contain incorrect Site and Department values.
  • AEI-74357 : Space string can be saved as a pick list option in pick list additional fields.

Enhancements in service pack 6207 (Released on: 16 October 2018)

  • AEF-70993 : Option to disable automatic delta scan. Admin>> Discovery>> Scan Settings.
  • AEF-73082 : Option to fetch sites instead of manually typing site name in Central Server Settings (Available in Remote servers). Admin >> Discovery >> Distributed Asset Scan.
  • AEF-61199 : Option to hide the inactive sites. Admin>> Organizational Details.

Issues fixed in service pack 6207


  • AE-71557: XSS vulnerability found in success/failure message pop-ups is fixed.
  • AE-69428: XSS Vulnerability in the Software Metering graph of the Software Summary page.


  • AE-70892: In a certain scenario, issue occurs while viewing History tabs of some assets.
  • AE-71049,71127: Error occurs while Auto Assigning assets. The issue happens if the page has more than 150 workstations.
  • AE-71376: Unable to update the WarrantyExpiry date in Diff scan while syncing the asset data from Desktop Central to SDP.
  • AE-72560: Org Serial Number field is getting duplicated in the CI details page of workstations and servers.
  • AE-72400: Assets that are not associated to any site are not displayed for technicians without site association.
  • AE-71873: There is no managed connection while uninstalling an agent.
  • AE-72411: Agent information of the scanned XMLs from Desktop Central is now captured in AssetExplorer.


  • AE-70632: Unable to enter names with characters more than 30 in purchase orders.
  • AE-70798: When an approver's name contains characters from a foreign language then these characters' encoded values are displayed in the Print Preview section of the corresponding purchase orders.
  • AE-69240: Attachment names with commas cause page break in the Purchase Order form.
  • AE-70922: Notification table entry undone after changing the PO status to 'Ordered'.
  • AE-71860: Unable to delete an existing item and add new from PO edit page.
  • AE-72310: Default Sales Tax Rate is not maintained in a PO once a vendor is selected.


  • AE-71128: A technician with only "View" permission for contracts can attach documents to it.


  • AE-70941: The scanned asset/workstation additional field values for a VM host get reset to default values, if configured.
  • AE-72376: While scanning CentOs machines, the IP address and the MAC address are not captured.
  • AE-69033: Custom CI type of workstations/servers is not preserved after a second scan.
  • AE-70950: After the scan In AE version 6200, Network scanned status and last scanned time is not updated.


  • AE-69974: Department drop-down components takes a lot of time to load after clicking on the Add New Cost Center button.
  • AE-70262: Asset CSV import fails when a non-SD-Admin performs the import. The issue occurs if the username field is left blank and only the department name is filled in the CSV file.
  • AE-72303: In Asset details page, the title is not in i18N.
  • AE-69147: CIs under a child CI type is only partially preserved when the child CI is added to a different parent.
  • AE-69156: Unable to access the Standalone Audit page by a technician who though is not an SDAdmin but has the "Scan Now" permission in Assets Module.
  • AE-73357: Technicians (except admins) could not add/edit assets from the left panel in the Home page.
  • AE-71861: Global search under Assets now includes the value in Last Logged In User.
  • AE-73622: UI glitch occurs on clicking expand icon in department field in Cost Center. Admin >> Purchase/Contract Management.
  • AE-73598: Null-pointer exception occurs while adding additional fields.


  • AE-70080: Incorrect software information stored in the database.


  • AE-70564: Under CMDB, unable to delete barcode if more than 100 CIs are deleted in one go.


  • AE-71612: Security exception occurs during remote access by Web RDP for any non-English languages.


  • AE-73263: GET API for CI Details using criteria is not working in the REST API Documentation tool.
  • AE-70008: Applications installed in an Iphone scanned by Desktop Central and pushed into AssetExplorer are not listed under the Applications tab.
  • AE-69960: An exception is thrown on clicking the Community Tab.

Issue fixed in service pack 6200 (Released on: 14 February 2018)

Framework changes

  • This upgrade removes the jBoss dependency from the framework, reduces security risk with jBoss, increased performance and quicker startup.

New SCCM Connector

MySQL support

  • MySQL will not be supported from this version.

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