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Software Product Roadmaps

These product roadmaps provide an overview of what is coming in the future releases of AssetExplorer - the complete asset management software solution, with tentative release schedules. If you would like to see a new feature or vote on suggested features in future releases of AssetExplorer, make sure to visit RoadMap

Note: This is only a tentative schedule. The implementation of the feature set may vary based on internal priorities and time.
Release 5.5 (Tentative by January 2010)
(Last Updated : 06th Nov 2009)

Agent based scanning

Apart from agentless scanning, agent based scanning would be supported. The agent needs to be installed in the remote machines and would be used for inventory scanning and remote desktop. The agent would support delta scanning too i.e only the difference in the inventory data between subsequent scans would be sent to the AE server. This enhances the speed of the discovery process as well as reduces the bandwith usage.

PO Enchancements

  • Reconcile assets : Provision to reconcile assets created by receiving items from PO and assets scanned during scanning.
  • Multi Approval : Provision to configure multiple approver for a PO.
  • Ceiling limit for PO approver : Provision to restrict approver to approve a PO based on the total cost of the PO.
  • Support for configuring different tax rates for items in single PO.
  • Assets would not added upon receiving items from PO if the item is configured as a consumable.

Software License Management

  • Support for different license types like OEM, Concurrent etc and custom license types can also be configured.
  • Support for license aggrements and notifications on license expiry.

Auto Sync of Distributed Data

The inventory data scanned in the remote AE servers would be pushed automatically to the central AE server. This would be a periodic process and any change in inventory data in the remote server would be synchronized with the central server.

Release 6.0
(Last Updated : 06th Nov 2009)


  • Provision to configure different CI Types and relation types and to establish the relationships between the configuration items.
  • Support for easy and quick visualization of any impact based on the relationships between the CIs.
  • API to fetch and add information about CIs and their relationships

Multilanguage support

Support for multiple languages apart from English.

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