AssetExplorer Roadmap

The product roadmap provided below lists the features which are currently in progress and a overview of features which would be taken up in near future.

Note : This is only a tentative schedule. The implementation of the feature set may vary based on internal priorities and time.

Work In Progress

  1. New CMDB relationship map with option to export and save the expanded view as Business Views. (July 2016)
  2. Support for raising purchase request. (June 2016)
  3. Software license management to support virtualization and cloud software licenses and renewal of licenses.
  4. CMDB API 2.0
  5. Integration with Microsoft SCCM to fetch inventory details. (July 2016)
  6. Bulk edit of CIs. (August 2016)
  7. Ability to create PO for services or any other items apart from assets. (August 2016)
  8. Separate view for asset loan registry. (July 2016)
  9. Support for creating new "In Use" like resource state. (July 2016)
  10. Support for scanning network devices using SNMP V3. (July 2016)

Development Features Yet to start

  1. IT Store Management.
  2. Asset audit using barcodes.
  3. Asset movement tracking using barcodes.
  4. Resource,conference room booking.
  5. Scan audit history to be archived.
  6. IT and business service availability/downtime management.
  7. Asset Disposal Process
  8. IT financial management and budgeting.

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