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How to check your Cisco switch logs

Your Cisco switches generate a lot of valuable information related to your network traffic. In case of any errors or issues, going through your switch logs helps you troubleshoot the problem with ease.

To enable logging to the console or to a log fil , simply log on to your switch's administrative console and use the required commands from the list below:

  • logging console [severity-level]
    • This command enables logging to the console session.
    • You can specify the severity-level at which messages are to be logged (optional).
    • Use the command no logging console to disable logging to the console.
  • logging logfile logfile-name severity-level [size bytes]
    • This command enables logging to a log file.
    • The logfile-name argument is the name of the file.
    • The severity-level argument is the severity level at which you wish messages to be logged.
    • You can specify the size argument, which is the maximum file size of the log file in bytes (optional).

To view your switch logs or related configuration information, use any of the following commands:

  • show logging console
    • This command displays the console logging configuration and does not have any arguments or options.
  • show logging last number
    • This command displays a certain number of lines from the end of the log file.
    • The number argument determines how many lines are shown.
  • show logging logfile [ start-time yyyy mmm dd hh : mm : ss ] [ end-time yyyy mmm dd hh : mm : ss ]
    • This command displays logs timestamped within the start and end times specified.
    • Both the start and end time arguments are optional. If the end time is not specified, the current time is used.

All of these commands help you view your switch logs on your native switch console. However, considering how tough it is to examine thousands of raw logs, it is advisable to use the logging server command to configure a remote syslog server to capture your switch logs. EventLog Analyzer comes with intuitive built-in reports to help you analyze your switch logs and gain insight into relevant traffic events. You can even set up any of the predefined alert profiles to be notified in real time about any events. Learn more about EventLog Analyzer.

Cisco ASA Auditing Tool

EventLog Analyzer is a comprehensive log management software with which you can centrally collect, analyze, and manage logs from all the different log sources in your network. You also get reports and alerts on your network security, making it a power-packed IT security tool.

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