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EventLog Analyzer Support Channels

EventLog Analyzer gives you a wide range of options to contact the Technical Support team in case you run into any problem.

The support page can access using the following menu:

  • Help > Support



Request Technical Support

Click this link to submit a form from the EventLog Analyzer website, with a detailed description of the problem that you encountered

Create Support Information File [SIF]

Click this link to create a ZIP file containing all the server logs that the Technical Support team will need, to analyze your problem. You can then send this ZIP file to eventlog-support@manageengine.com or upload the ZIP file to our ftp server by clicking on Upload to FTP Server, in the pop-up window provide your email ID and browse for the zipped SIF file and then press Upload button. The procedure to create SIF without web client and send it EventLog Analyzer is also given.

Reset LogCollector

This menu is used for running EventLog Analyzer in the debug mode. Please contact eventlog-support@manageengine.com before resetting log collector.

Troubleshooting Tips

Click this link to see the common problems typically encountered by users, and ways to solve them

Need a Feature

Click this link to submit a feature request from the EventLog Analyzer website

Log Level Setting

Click this link to set the granualarity level of server logs to be stored in the log files

Toll-free Number

Call the toll-free number +1 888 720 9500 to talk to the EventLog Analyzer Technical Support team directly

User Forums

Click this link to go to the EventLog Analyzer user forum. Here you can discuss with other EventLog Analyzer users and understand how EventLog Analyzer is being used across different environments

Join Meeting

Click this link to join a meeting with EventLog Analyzer team if it is in progress and if you have a invitation with Meeting Key or Meeting Number or register for a future meeting. There will be two meeting services available viz., ZOHO Meeting and Webex.

The Support page also displays the latest announcements and discussions in the EventLog Analyzer user forum


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