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Adding IBM iSeries (AS/400) devices

Keep the ports 446-449, 8470-8476, 9470-9476 open in EventLog Analyzer to receive IBM AS/400 machine logs.

In the Manage Devices page, navigate to the Other Devices tab and click on the Add Device(s) button. This will open the Add Device(s) window.

  1. Choose the Device type as IBM AS/400.
  2. Use the Device Name box to type a single device name, or a list of device names separated by commas.
  3. Specify the Monitor Interval to configure the frequency at which EventLog Analyzer should fetch logs from the IBM AS/400 machines. The default (and minimum) monitor interval is 10 minutes.
  4. Enter credentials (Login Name and Password) with an authority level of 50. Verify the details using the Verify Credential link beside the password text.
  5. Select the Date Format and the Delimiter. This is the date format used in the logs that will be collected from the IBM AS/400 devices.
  6. Click Add and Close to add this device and return to the list of device monitored, or click Add to add this device and continue adding more devices.

To import SSL certificate, follow the steps below:

  1. Save the SSL certificate in the location C:\test.cer
  2. iIn the command prompt navigate to <installation folder
  3. Run the command keytool -importcert -alias myprivateroot -keystore ..\lib\security\cacerts -file C:\test.cer
  4. Now provide the password when prompted. The default password is Changeit
  5. To trust the certificate press Y
  6. Restart the EventLog Analyzer server. The certificate will be successfully added.

IBM AS/400

IBM AS/400

IBM AS/400 historic log collection

EventLog Analyzer now allows you to collect logs according to the time period for IBM AS/400 devices. To collect logs according to time:

  1. Click the historic log collection icon that is next to the Device option.
  2. Next, under the Collect Logs from last option, select the number of hours/days/weeks/months for which you would like to collect the logs.
  3. Click on Apply.

Note: The credentials provided must have an authority level of 50. Otherwise, EventLog Analyzer will not be able to login to fetch History logs from these devices.

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