Device Management

The devices to be monitored by EventLog Analyzer can be managed in this section. Devices can be added, edited, or deleted. All the devices that are being monitored can be viewed. The device management page contains three tabs viz. Windows Devices, Syslog Devices, and Other Devices.

Settings > Configuration > Manage Devices

Manage Devices

How to add a device?
To add a device, refer to Add Device.

Select the device(s) by selecting the respective check box(es).

Delete the device(s) using the delete icon in the action menu.

How to disable, enable a device?
Select the device(s) by selecting the respective check box(es).
Disable or enable the device(s) using the disable or enable icons in the action menu respectively.

How to update monitor interval?
Select the device(s) by selecting the respective check box(es).

Click the monitor interval button to set the monitor interval. Note that the minimum monitor interval is 10 minutes.

How to update a device?
Navigate to Configuration > Manage Devices.
Hover the mouse over a specific device. Click the update icon that appears to edit the selected device. This will open the Update Device window where you can edit the device. You can edit the Device Type, Device IP Address, Display Name, and Monitor Interval.

How to configure event source files in a device?

All Devices
All the devices added to EventLog Analyzer for monitoring are displayed with severity-wise summary, total event counts, log access status, last time log collected, and the device group to which the device belongs. In the drop-down menu, the domains are listed followed by the workgroups. 

In the table you can view:

Configuring Auto Log Forward 

Once you have added a Unix device, you will be prompted with the link to Configure Auto Log Forwarding. You can update this by selecting a Unix device in the Device Management page and clicking on Configure Auto Log Forwarding.

  1. Enter the root login credentials for the Unix device. 
  2. Specify the Syslog Port number. Note that the default port numbers are 513 and 514 for UDP and 514 for TCP.
  3. Select the protocol - TCP/UDP.
  4. Specify the SSH Port number.
  5. Click Verify & Update to enable automatic log forwarding.
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