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    Saving search and exporting search results

    EventLog Analyzer drills down to the raw logs when retrieving results for your search query. The results can be saved, or used to create report and alert profiles.

    How to save search?

    1. Go to the Search tab and enter the search criteria as required (see how to search).
    2. Click Search for the results.
    3. You can save the search criteria as search, reports or alerts.
    4. To save as search, click Save Search. Enter a name without space. Click Save.
    5. To save as report, click Save as Report. Enter Report name and click Add (see create reports).
    6. To save as an alert, click Save as Alert. In the window that opens, click Save (see Create alert profile).

    How to export search?

    1. Go to Search and enter the search criteria.
    2. Click Search.
    3. Click Export as on the top-right corner. Select the format.
    4. View the report export history by clicking on the icon, which can then be downloaded if required.

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