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    System Diagnostics

    To check the performance of the EventLog Analyzer server, you can use the System Diagnostics menu.

    Disk Usage

    For calculating the disk usage, we take four different modules into account, namely Archive, Index, Database, and Product disk space.


    Here are some actions you can take if any module's disk space is low:

    Archive disk usage

    Index disk usage

    Database disk usage

    Product disk usage

    Log Flow

    Devices in a network generate huge quantities of logs, and this can slow down your system. Ensure that you collect only those logs that you require. Reducing the log flow can help optimize the usage of resources such as CPUs and servers, as it would require dealing with a lesser number of logs. A reduced log flow rate also reduces the load on databases and archives.

    This dashboard allows you to monitor the log flow rate for the different types of logs and manage your resources accordingly. You can also check the Trends tab to get a better idea of the log flow rates in the recent past.

    Resource Usage

    CPU and RAM usage displays the resources being used by the product's executables and the total usage by the server hosting EventLog Analyzer. Product executables include the server, Elasticsearch, the log collector, and the database.


    Here are some actions that you can take to optimize the usage of resources:

    CPU Usage

    RAM Usage

    EventLog Analyzer allows you to view the trends of the resources being utilized over a period of time. The Trends tab contains the data for each day the product is up and running, and can be viewed in three different formats:

    System Diagnostics

    System Info

    You can navigate to the System Info page, from the System Info button present in the top right corner of the System Diagnostics page. The System Info page lists the Installation details, JVM Memory Information, License Information, and other general details about the system, such as Device Name, OS Type, Server Time, Free Disk Space.

    System Diagnostics System Diagnostics

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