Customize Dashboard Views


EventLog Analyzer has a customizable dashboard to enable you to fill it with information you often access. The dashboard consists of multiple tabs and each tab has numerous widgets. In addition to the three default tabs—Events Overview, Network Overview, and Security Overview—you can create your own tabs and add widgets of your choice. The default tabs can also be customized to suit your requirements.

Note: For users updating EventLog Analyzer with a service pack, a few reports in the Network Overview and Security Overview tabs will be populated only with data collected after product update.


Favorite reports

To customize the dashboard, you have the following options:


To view a list of devices, applications, and monitored files, which are the log sources based on which the dashboard is populated, click Log Sources on the top-right corner of the dashboard.


To edit dashboard profiles, click here.


Adding a new tab

To add a new tab to the dashboard,

Favorite reports


Adding a new widget

To add a new widget,

Note: You also have the option of pinning a report as a new widget. To know how, click here.


Editing dashboards

To delete tabs from the dashboard,


Reordering and resizing widgets

 To reorder the widgets in a tab,


Editing and deleting widgets

 To edit a widget in a tab,

To delete a widget from a tab,


Viewing the dashboard in full screen

To view the dashboard in full screen,

Favorite reports


Changing refresh interval

To change the time interval for automatic refreshing of the dashboard,
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