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Konformità tal-IT & amp; Softwer għall-Ġestjoni ta 'Ġurnal tal-Avvenimenti


Karatteristiċi Ewlenin

  • Maniġment tal-log tal-avveniment
  • SIEM
  • Maniġment tas-Syslog
  • Monitoraġġ tal-log tal-applikazzjoni
  • Maniġment tal-log tas-server
  • Ivverifikar tad-database ta’ Oracle u SQL
  • Korrelazzjoni tal-avvenimenti f’ħin reali
  • Twissija ta’ avveniment f’ħin reali
  • Monitoraġġ tat-tagħmir tan-netwerk
  • Rapporti tal- konformità tal-IT
  • Monitoraġġ tal-log tas-sigurtà
  • Monitoraġġ tal-log tal-avveniment
  • Rapporti ta’ konformità mal-GDPR

Maniġment tal-Logs

EventLog Analyzer jipprovdi maniġment tal-logs fl-istadji kollha, b’metodu ta’ ġbir tal-logs b’aġent u mingħajr aġent, analiżi ta’ logs personalizzati, analiżi ta’ log kompluta b’rapporti u twissijiet, magna tat-tiftix tal-logs b’saħħitha u għażliet flessibbli tal-arkivjar ta’ logs.

  • Maniġment tal-logs
  • Maniġment tal-log tal-avveniment
  • Maniġment tas-Syslog
  • Ġbir tal-logs universali
  • Ġbir tal-logs mingħajr aġent
  • Ġbir tal-logs ibbażat fuq aġent
  • Analiżi tal-logs
  • Rapporti ta’ logs ta’ avveniment definiti minn qabel
  • Analizzar ta’ log personalizzat
  • Arkivjar tal-logs
  • Tiftix tal-log
  • Dashboard u dehriet ibbażati fuq l-utenti
  • Maniġment tal-logs tal-applikazzjoni
  • Monitoraġġ tas-sessjoni tal-utenti
  • Twissijiet f’ħin reali
  • Metodi ta’ notifiki ta’ twissija
  • Rebranding tal-klijenti tal-web
  • Monitoraġġ ta’ utenti privileġġjati
  • Rapporti Ask ME
  • Xejriet ta’ avvenimenti storiċi
  • Importa logs tal-avveniment

Ivverifikar tal-Applikazzjoni

EventLog Analyzer jippermettilek tivverifika s-servers tal-applikazzjonijiet kritiċi kollha tiegħek. B’rapporti definiti minn qabel għall-applikazzjonijiet elenkati hawn, is-soluzzjoni tippermettilek timmonitorja applikazzjonijiet personalizzati. L-analizzatur tal-log personalizzat b’saħħtu tiegħu jippermettilek tanalizza u tivvalida faċilment formati ta’ logs personalizzati.

  • Monitoraġġ ta’ logs tal-applikazzjoni
  • Ivverifikar tas-server ta’ Microsoft IIS
  • Analizzatur tal-logs tas-server tal-web ta’ Microsoft IIS
  • Analizzatur tal-logs tas-server FTP ta’ Microsoft IIS
  • Ivverifikar tas-Server ta’ Microsoft SQL
  • Monitoraġġ tas-Server ta’ Microsoft SQL
  • Monitoraġġ tas-server tal-web Apache
  • onitoraġġ tas-server tal-ipprintjar
  • Monitoraġġ tas-server tad-DHCP (Windows/Linux)
  • Ivverifikar tad-database
  • Monitoraġġ tad-database ta’ Oracle
  • Monitoraġġ tas-server tat-terminal ta’ Windows
  • Assigura tal-applikazzjonijiet kritiċi tan-negozju
  • Immaniġġja applikazzjonijiet kritiċi ta’ Windows
  • Immitiga attakki fuq is-server tal-web
  • Analizzatur tal-mitigazzjoni ta’ attakki ta’ injezzjoni ta’ SQL
  • Mitigazzjoni ta’ attakki ta’ DoS

Ivverifikar tat-Tagħmir tan-Netwerk

EventLog Analyzer jimmonitorja t-tagħmir importanti kollu tan-netwerk tiegħek bħall-fajerwols, routers u swiċċijiet tiegħek. Is-soluzzjoni tipprovdi rapporti definiti minn qabel għar-routers u s-swiċċijiet tiegħek ta’ Cisco, kif ukoll fajerwols minn Cisco, SonicWall, Palo Alto Networks, Juniper, Fortinet, NetScreen, Sophos, Check Point, WatchGuard, u Barracuda.

  • Verifikar tat-tagħmir tan-netwerk
  • Verifikar tal-log tar-router
  • Analizzatur tal-log ta’ Cisco
  • CMonitoraġġ tal-attività tal-utenti fir-router
  • Monitoraġġ tat-traffiku tar-router
  • Verifikar tal-log ta-fajerwol
  • Firewall log auditing
  • Monitoraġġ tal-log ta’ IDS/IPS
  • Switch log monitoring
  • VPN Log Monitoring
  • Windows Firewall auditing
  • SonicWall firewall auditing
  • H3C Firewall Auditing
  • Palo Alto firewall auditing
  • Juniper device auditing
  • Fortinet/FortiGate device auditing
  • Check Point device auditing
  • Sophos Log Monitoring
  • Huawei Device Monitoring

IT Compliance Reports

EventLog Analyzer enables you to comply with ease with a variety of regulatory policies, namely PCI DSS, ISO 27001, GLBA, SOX, FISMA, HIPAA, and the newly created GDPR policy. The solution further allows for future needs by enabling you to create custom compliance reports for new compliance policies.

  • Compliance audits
  • SOX compliance reports
  • ISO 27001 compliance reports
  • DPR compliance handbook
  • HIPAA compliance reports
  • PCI compliance reports
  • FISMA compliance reports
  • GLBA compliance reports
  • GPG Compliance Reports
  • ISLP Compliance Reports
  • Reports for new compliance
  • Customizing compliance reports
  • GDPR compliance reports


With comprehensive log management combined with extensive security features, EventLog Analyzer is a perfect SIEM platform for your network. Security features such as log forensics, threat intelligence, external threat mitigation with auditing of vulnerability scanners and threat applications, make the solution an ideal choice to secure your network and safeguard it against unwanted breach attempts and critical data theft.

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Syslog monitoring
  • Event log monitoring
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Linux File Integrity Monitoring
  • Real-time log correlation
  • Security log management
  • Log forensics
  • Threat intelligence
  • Secure syslog devices
  • STIX/TAXII feed processor
  • Incident management
  • Importing log files
  • Privileged user auditing
  • Detecting Windows threats
  • External threat mitigation
  • Application log management
  • Save searches as alerts
  • Malwarebytes Threat Reports
  • FireEye Threat Intelligence

Cross-platform Audit

EventLog Analyzer's reporting console is highly intuitive, with hundreds of predefined reports to meet all your auditing needs, which can be customized, scheduled, and distributed as you require. The reports comprehensively cover the network, including Windows, Unix/Linux, IBM AS/400, cloud platforms, vulnerability management systems, and your critical files and folders.

  • Critical server monitoring
  • Event log auditing
  • VMWare server log management
  • Windows device auditing
  • Syslog device auditing
  • IBM AS/400 reports
  • Linux auditing and reporting
  • Unix auditing and reporting
  • Windows registry auditing
  • Removable device auditing
  • Monitor cloud infrastructure
  • Data theft detection
  • AWS instance monitoring

EventLog Analyzer Trusted By

Los Alamos National Bank Michigan State University
Panasonic Comcast
Oklahoma State University IBM
Accenture Bank of America
Ernst Young

Customer Speaks

  • Credit Union of Denver has been using EventLog Analyzer for more than four years for our internal user activity monitoring. EventLog Analyzer provides great value as a network forensic tool and for regulatory due diligence. This product can rapidly be scaled to meet our dynamic business needs.
    Benjamin Shumaker
    Vice President of IT / ISO
    Credit Union of Denver
  • The best thing, I like about the application, is the well structured GUI and the automated reports. This is a great help for network engineers to monitor all the devices in a single dashboard. The canned reports are a clever piece of work.
    Joseph Graziano, MCSE CCA VCP
    Senior Network Engineer
  • EventLog Analyzer has been a good event log reporting and alerting solution for our information technology needs. It minimizes the amount of time we spent on filtering through event logs and provides almost near real-time notification of administratively defined alerts.
    Joseph E. Veretto
    Operations Review Specialist
    Office of Information System
    Florida Department of Transportation
  • Windows Event logs and device Syslogs are a real time synopsis of what is happening on a computer or network. EventLog Analyzer is an economical, functional and easy-to-utilize tool that allows me to know what is going on in the network by pushing alerts and reports, both in real time and scheduled. It is a premium software Intrusion Detection System application.
    Jim Lloyd
    Information Systems Manager
    First Mountain Bank

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