Report Scheduling

You can schedule the automatic generation of reports by using the Report Scheduling process.

  1. Select "Schedule New Report" on top right corner of the page.

  2. Specify the schedule name and description details.

  3. The "Select Report" section lets you to select a report category and a specific report under the category.

  4. The "Schedule Report Frequency" can be used to specify the time span for report generation.


    Daily-This option is used for scheduling reports every day at a particular time.


    Weekly-This option is for scheduling a report on a particular day of the week at a specific time.


    Monthly-This option is for scheduling a report on a specific day of each month at the desired time.


    Only Once-This option can be used to schedule a report only once on the specified date and time.

  5. The "Select Input" section lets you to add and specify filters for the report.

  6. You can select the storage path for specifying the location where you need the reports to be stored.

  7. You can also select the report format as CSV, PDF or XLS.

  8. Enabling the "Email this Scheduled report" mails the report to the email address specified in the mail server settings.

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